Old School

  • 1 hour class
  • 30 minutes of it spent “warming up”
  • 10 minutes of instructor demonstrating a technique
  • Maybe get to ask one (of the 20) questions you have
  • 20 minutes practicing technique
  • Spend all week trying to remember what you did in class
  • Pay per class
  • Miss out if traveling
  • Waste time on commute
  • Wait years to learn black belt level concepts

Result: Takes years to progress

New School

  • Training available 24/7
  • Access anywhere in the world
  • Rewind, pause, replay infinitely (luxury you don’t have in person)
  • Questions answered quickly
  • Concept-focused training from day 1
  • Infinitely applicable principles, not just technique salad

Result: Progress measured in weeks, not years.

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