Personalized Feedback, Direct Advice, & Customized Insight

My mission is to make the world a better place by helping individuals make choices that create more options for themselves.

I do this mostly through my articles, videos, Twitter threads, and email list. Sometimes that’s enough. Sometimes it isn’t.

Some people recognize the wisdom of what I share, but wonder how it applies to their life or how to implement the strategies for success. That’s where personal coaching is incredibly valuable.

Maybe I can help you.

If I accept a coaching client, that means that’s time I’m not spending creating content for thousands of people, with people I love, or practicing kung fu. That’s all valuable shit to me, and if you want to take me away from that you have to make it worth it.

That means I don’t come cheap.

But here’s the deal. I don’t have a preset package; I like teaching like the old kung fu master on the mountain top; find him and he will show you exactly what you need. That means every lesson is different from the one before and the one to come.

Ask yourself what that kind of money you’d spend on that kind of experience, and then send that number to me. If it’s not worth a lot to you, I’ll know you’re not committed, and you’re testing the waters. I can’t help you. If it’s sufficiently motivated I’ll accept and we will move forward from there.

NOTE: Sending me money preemptively doesn’t increase your chances of acceptance. It just means you bought me X cups of coffee. Thank you for your generosity.

So when you make your offer, make it an hourly rate that you think is valuable to both of us; for you to invest in yourself, and for me to invest in you.

Be Patient

I’m often traveling for my full time occupation as a speaker and trainer. That means I’m often away from email, but I respond within 7 days 99% of the time (and most times faster than that). Please keep messages to fewer than 1,000 words.

Let me know:

  • why you want my help,
  • what you think I can do for you, and
  • what you’re looking to get out of our relationship.

Keep the questions about your particular situation for after I accept your offer.

If/When I do accept, we’ll find a time every week to have a video hangout where we can work on whatever it is that will make the most impact for you. Nobody will know what we talk about. I’m not a lawyer so I’m not protected by client confidentiality, but I’m a tight lipped sonnovabitch. Blabbing about my clients is bad for business.

My bandwidth for coaching is limited, but there is capacity at the moment.

If you’ve read this far and want to start doing the hard work, send me your proposal at contact [at] rational fist [dot] com