“Make yourself sheep and the wolves will eat you.” – Benjamin Franklin

The Project

Imagine you woke up in the middle of the night, and you want to get a glass of water. You’re walking to the kitchen when WHAM! you stub your toe on the night stand. You didn’t want to do that on purpose, so what happened?

You believed you were in the clear. You assumed your path avoided nearby obstacles. Your mental model of where your furniture is and where you are in relationship to it was off by just a couple inches.

So your behavior is in alignment with your (faulty) belief, which results in the pain of you stubbing your toe.

The same thing happens in your life all day long, every day. You make assumptions about reality, people, their intentions, their thoughts, your own personality, etc to save time and mental effort. These mental shortcuts are built on previous experience, and the more experience you have with a situation, the greater your tendency to expect the same outcome in the future. Quite often you’re on the mark. The sidewalk holds you. The apple you dropped hits the ground instead of floating upwards. Your cousin is still a jerk.

Without these mental shortcuts you’d be paralyzed by questioning everything.

Occasionally, however, these mental shortcuts goes wrong; just like with the night stand and your toe. When your beliefs and reality are out of alignment, it’s you that’s going to get hurt. Reality makes no accommodations.

That’s what Rational Fist is all about: learning how to stop stubbing your mental, physical, & emotional toes on reality. It’s a system for keeping yourself safe from thoughts, beliefs, choices, and people who can hurt you.

The person who fits every one of those descriptions? You.

That’s why we talk a lot about self defense on this site. Defending yourself from your self.

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